2021 Christian Testimony Video | “The Path to Purification”

Allie used to be a church preacher with over 20 years of faith in the Lord who traveled far and wide delivering sermons. But over time, she lost her sense of the Lord’s guidance and her sermons were lacking new light. She kept sinning and confessing, and couldn’t keep the Lord’s teachings—this really frustrated her. Continue reading “2021 Christian Testimony Video | “The Path to Purification””

Gospel Movie Extract 6 From “From the Throne Flows the Water of Life”

Gospel Movie Extract 6 From “From the Throne Flows the Water of Life”: Differences Between the Way of Repentance and the Way of Eternal Life

The Lord Jesus and Almighty God are one God. The Lord Jesus carries out the work of redemption, He preaches the way of repentance. Almighty God of the last days carries out the work of judgment to cleanse mankind, He brings the way of eternal life. Now, if you want to know the differences between the way of repentance and the way of eternal life, please watch this short video.

Read now to learn more: Verses about repentance. Only if we truly repent can we be saved by God and enter the heavenly kingdom.

2020 Christian Crosstalk | “Have You Really Repented?”

Disasters are now upon us. An epidemic is spreading all over the world, the omens of the Lord’s coming have been fulfilled, and those who long for God’s appearance are longing for the Savior to come, rescuing humanity from disaster and bringing us into the kingdom of heaven. Continue reading “2020 Christian Crosstalk | “Have You Really Repented?””

Christian Testimony Video “True Repentance”

Christian Testimony Video “True Repentance”

After gaining her faith in God, the main character becomes passionate about doing her duty and expending herself. However, she has been misled and corrupted by satanic poisons such as “Distinguishing oneself and bringing honor to his ancestors” and “Those with brains rule over those with brawn.” She cannot help but go in pursuit of fame and status and she finds herself controlled by her arrogant disposition. She vies with her coworkers over power and gains, and she lectures and constrains other brothers and sisters, wanting to have the final word on everything. However, through the judgment and revelation of God’s words, she gains some understanding of her incorrect pursuits as well as her corrupt disposition. Later, she is arrested by the police and subjected to the CCP’s brutal persecution and forced indoctrination. Through this, she becomes able to discern the CCP’s evil essence, and she deeply reflects upon and gains understanding of the great red dragon’s poisons within herself; she thereupon begins to feel remorse, to detest herself, and to truly repent.

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Christian Testimony Video | “An Officer’s Repentance”

Christian Testimony Video | “An Officer’s Repentance”

The main character in An Officer’s Repentance was once a simple farmer’s son. After joining the army, he quickly starts going along with the unwritten rules in his unit in an effort to obtain status, praise and promotions, fawning on and flattering his superiors, treating them to meals, and buying them gifts. He is promoted up the ladder to battalion commander and begins to walk the path of corruption. He turns over a new leaf after finding faith in God and leaves the army, only to find that he is still bound by Satan’s philosophies and laws. In order to become church leader, he once again uses underhanded means, but ends up being exposed and dealt with by the brothers and sisters. He’s left distressed and miserable for failing to get the position. Through the judgment and revelation of God’s words, he slowly comes to understand the essence and consequences of seeking status, and he begins to pursue the truth and walk the right path in life. Continue reading “Christian Testimony Video | “An Officer’s Repentance””