Escaping the Rumor Mill

bible study | Escaping the Rumor Mill

By William, United States

In October of 2016, I came to New York in the USA, and was later baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus at a Chinese church, becoming a Christian. But after more than a year in the church, I’d only learned how to pray and sing hymns, but my knowledge of God and my understanding of the Bible were superficial, which left me disappointed. So, I’d often search for sermons on YouTube on my own so that I could understand the Lord’s will. Continue reading “Escaping the Rumor Mill”

Oh Lord, Finally I Have Welcomed You!

Prophecies on the Lord’s return have basically been fulfilled. Do you wonder why haven’t you welcomed the Lord? Actually, the reason is not that the Lord hasn’t come back, but that we ignored prophecies on His return as a thief in the night. It was God’s arrangement that made me welcome the Lord’s second coming! From God’s word, I understood the mystery of God’s name, and found the way to break free from sin. Click to read so you will understand the mysteries of the Lord’s return and be able to welcome Him soon.

By Chen Yiyun, Hong Kong

Recalling the time when I believed in the Lord, I always had a confusion: Can we go to heaven if we merely believe in the Lord Jesus? I recalled: “Regarding my sister, having believed in the Lord Jesus for over twenty years, she is still quick-tempered. Whether in small or big things, as long as she is unsatisfied, she will break out in curses. Continue reading “Oh Lord, Finally I Have Welcomed You!”

I Have Been Raptured Before God

Today, catastrophes around the world are becoming ever-more severe. Why have we yet to be raptured before tribulation? When will the rapture happen? How can we welcome the Lord and be raptured before God? This article has the answers.

bible study | I Have Been Raptured Before God

By Zhang Yue, Indonesia

At the age of 20, I was baptized and turned to the Lord Jesus. The pastor’s sermons on the Lord Jesus’ love and teachings warmed my heart, and all my brothers and sisters in the church were very helpful to one another, so I really enjoyed attending that church. Continue reading “I Have Been Raptured Before God”

What an overcomer is and how one can be made into an overcomer by God before the disasters

Do you need help understanding a Bible verse or passage? We has received many about Common Bible Questions. Listed below are answers to some of these questions. Revelation in the Bible prophesies that the 144,000 overcomers will arise. Who are the 144,000 overcomers prophesied in the Bible? Do you want to become one of them? read the article, I believe they will definitely bring you unexpected gains.

bible study | bible

Bible Verses for Reference:

“These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb” (Rev 7:14). Continue reading “What an overcomer is and how one can be made into an overcomer by God before the disasters”

2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Illness and Hardship Showed My True Colors”

Maybe you now live with a lot of pain due to illness, feel disappointed after failing to get a job, or endure sufferings in hardships…. Watch Christian Testimony Video, you will understand why we have such suffering in our daily life and why God tests us.

The main character suffered from health problems from the time she was a little girl, but thanks to the grace of God, she sees an improvement in her condition after becoming a believer. She then gives herself over to enthusiastically performing her duty. Continue reading “2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Illness and Hardship Showed My True Colors””

Why mankind should believe in God

Why do you believe in God? Do you aim to be saved by God, or become a good person, or live out a human image? None of these is correct. Then, for what should we believe in God? What is true faith in God? Read God’s words to find out.

bible study | the book of God’s word

Relevant Words of God:

God is the One who rules over all things and administers all things. He created all that there is, He administers all that there is, He rules over all that there is, and He provides for all that there is. This is the status of God, and it is His identity. For all things and all that there is, God’s true identity is the Creator and the Ruler of all of creation. Such is the identity possessed by God, and He is unique among all things. Continue reading “Why mankind should believe in God”

Watch! Only by Listening to God’s Word Will We Not Be Abandoned

bible study | Watch! Only by Listening to God’s Word Will We Not Be Abandoned

By Xunqiu

The Lord Jesus said, “Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Watch therefore: for you know not what hour your Lord does come” (Matthew 24:40-42). In the past, every time I read these verses, I would think: When will these verses be fulfilled? When exactly will the Lord come back? Who will be taken? Who will be left? Will I be the one left? The more I thought about it, the more I felt afraid and worried. In fear and worry, I didn’t dare to miss a service.. Continue reading “Watch! Only by Listening to God’s Word Will We Not Be Abandoned”

Gospel Message: How Does the Savior Save Mankind When He Comes?


bible study | How Does the Savior Save Mankind When He Comes?

When we talk about the Savior, believers all agree that in the last days, He is certain to come to earth to save mankind. Many prophets have said the Savior will come in the last days. So who is the Savior? Different denominations have different interpretations, and different religions say different things about Him. Who is the true Savior? The true Savior is the Lord who created the heavens and earth and all things, and is the one true God, the Creator. Only the Lord who created everything is the one true God, and only the true God in the flesh is the Savior who can save mankind. Continue reading “Gospel Message: How Does the Savior Save Mankind When He Comes?”

How Should Christians Control Their Anger? I Found the Way

I’m a Christian but often uncontrollably lost my temper and lived in sin. Can we gain God’s everlasting forgiveness? I didn’t know how to control my anger. Later I found the way. Read now to get the answers.

bible study | How Should Christians Control Their Anger? I Found the Way

By Su Xing, Taiwan

“You believe in the Lord and yet you lose your temper at the drop of a hat. Why haven’t you changed at all?” This was my husband’s rebuke to me. I used to feel such distress that I was unable to live out the Lord’s teachings, and I often implored the Lord to lead me to cast off the bonds of sin. During my search, I heard the utterances of the second coming of the Lord, and I finally found the path to resolve my anger. I’d like now to tell you all about my experiences. Continue reading “How Should Christians Control Their Anger? I Found the Way”

I’m So Worn Out by Life—What Can I Do?

When facing hardships, some people feel a lot of pain, some endure sufferings, and some even complain to God. Why Does God Allow Tests in Our Lives? In fact, we have all of those actions just because we don’t understand God’s will and His intention behind the tests. Click on Read, and you will realize hardships and refinings are the greatest grace He gives to us.

Dear Li Rui,

How are you doing? I remember something I asked you about before—society feels so competitive these days and life feels so exhausting, so taxing for me. I don’t know how to lead my life in a way that will bring me happiness within my soul. Continue reading “I’m So Worn Out by Life—What Can I Do?”