2020 Christian Testimony Video | “I’ve Found the Path Into the Kingdom of Heaven” (English Dubbed)

We believe in the Lord but still repeat the same sin. Does God Always Forgive Sins You Continue to Repeat? How can we stop repeating sins and enter the heavenly kingdom? Watch the video now to get the answers.

The main character followed her parents in their Christian faith since she was little, and she and her husband took on work in the church together after getting married. Over the past few years, she’s discovered that she’s always praying to confess to the Lord, but she can’t stop herself from sinning, and she can’t keep to the Lord’s words. She also has no tolerance or patience with her husband. She thinks of this from God’s words: “You shall be holy; for I am holy” (Leviticus 11:44). God is holy, and anyone who is unholy cannot see the Lord, so she wonders: Could someone like her who lives in sin enter the kingdom of heaven? This is painful for her, and she prays to the Lord all the time. How is she ultimately released from this bewilderment, and how does she find the path to being cleansed and entering the kingdom of heaven? Let’s listen to her story together.

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