The Biblical Prophecies Are Fulfilled: How Will the Lord Come?

Dear brothers and sisters:Hello everyone, I’m very happy to see you all here. First, let’s give thanks to God for preparing this opportunity for us, and may God guide us and work amongst us.

The Church of Almighty God | How Will the Lord Come?Brothers and sisters, after our Lord Jesus had resurrected and risen up to heaven, all of us who believe in the Lord yearn for Him to soon return in order to make our many years of wishes come true, and so that we could receive His promise and enjoy His blessings. Especially in the last days, our desire to see the Lord’s return is even more urgent. The prophecies of the Lord Jesus’ return have basically been fulfilled now, and we have all seen or already heard of the frequent occurrences of all kinds of disasters in all nations of the world. Continue reading “The Biblical Prophecies Are Fulfilled: How Will the Lord Come?”

How to Pray So That God Hears Our Prayers

By Kally

Hello, brothers and sisters, have you heard this story? There was a theology student who was able to recite many pleasant-sounding words of prayer. Every day before meals he would come before the Lord and recite some words by heart, because he thought the Lord liked such prayers. And every time he finished praying he would put a walnut into a glass vase as a sign that he was loyal to the Lord. One night, he dreamed the Lord asked him to crack open the walnuts in the vase, and after he did so he found that each of them was empty.

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