2021 Christian Testimony Video | “Through Illness My Motive for Blessings Was Revealed”

When facing hardships, some people feel a lot of pain, some endure sufferings, and some even complain to God. In fact, we have all of those actions just because we don’t understand God’s will and His intention behind the tests, why does god test us. Please watch this video. and you will realize hardships and refinings are the greatest grace He gives to us.

After finding his faith in God, the main character never stops spreading the gospel and he performs his duty with enthusiasm. Even when he is persecuted and almost arrested, he doesn’t shrink back, but believes that by making such sacrifices he will be commended and blessed by God, and will have a good destination in the end. His dreams of being blessed, however, are shattered after he contracts an illness which leaves him unable to continue performing his duty. Feeling he has lost his chance to prepare good deeds and attain salvation, he begins to misunderstand and blame God. Through the revelations of God’s words, he comes to realize that all the sacrifices he’s made in his faith have been to gain blessings, and that he has been trying to cheat and use God. He prays and repents to God, and his illness miraculously comes under control.

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