Gospel Testimony I “I Have Been Raptured Before God”

You Know the Lord Will Return in the Last Days, but Do You Know the Path to Welcome the Lord? When will the rapture happen? How can we welcome the Lord and be raptured before God? For these years, I’ve been yearning for the Lord to come upon a cloud and for being raptured into the kingdom of heaven before disasters. Nowadays, disasters are ever greater, the Lord has yet to come upon a cloud. Since we have yet to see the Lord coming upon a cloud after so many years of watching the sky and obsessively waiting, then is such kind of practice correct or not? What is the most key practice in welcoming the Lord’s coming? Want to learn more? Please watch this video.

As a Christian, he often heard his pastor speak of how when the Lord returns He will rapture believers into the clouds and meet with them in the air. Through a chance opportunity, he hears a friend bear witness that the Lord Jesus has returned to express the truth and do the work of judgment beginning with the house of God. He is shocked, and wonders, “But we’re all still here on earth. We haven’t been raptured, so how could the Lord Jesus have already returned?” Later, he finds that The Church of Almighty God has produced an abundance of videos and movies, as well as many experiential testimonies, all of which bear witness to God, and he can’t help but become curious. He thinks to himself, “That which comes from God is bound to flourish. The Church of Almighty God is growing so quickly, could Almighty God really be the returned Lord Jesus?” Through seeking and investigating, he finds that there are many passages in the Bible which prophesy that God’s kingdom will descend upon earth. Ultimately, he realizes the true meaning of rapture and welcomes the return of the Lord.

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